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In the beginning

It has been some time since my last update on any project. This is primarily due to the massive life-changing events that have occurred over the past seven years. However, despite my lack of updates the team has been hard at work on several different projects. We halted production on VoCM (Valley of Crescent Mountain) and began work on some "smaller" projects. Those ideas never really panned out into anything and so we continued to try and work on smaller projects throughout our time away. In February of 2022 we decided that we would focus our efforts on a zombie survival game that had many of the core systems needed for our other projects, but that wouldn't be too complex to get in place. After a year of progress, we now have a functioning server and client. In the next few weeks, we plan to showcase what we have completed so far as well as detail the road map for the near future. With our server and client programs in place, we plan to roll out localized testing while we continue to develop. For those of you that have been with us since the start, your continued support is greatly appreciated.

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